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Borra Vineyards

Established: 1975

Borra Vineyards

Home Appellation/Region: Lodi - California, United States

Production History - Annual Case Production: 3,000

Produces: Table Wine
VinTank Brand ID: 009590-01 (permalink, short)

Red Wines

Barbera, Vintages 1975 - present
Merlot, Vintages 2002 - present
Petite Sirah, Vintages 2007 - present
Syrah, Vintages 2004 - present

White Wines

Chardonnay, Vintages 2002 - present



Winery Notes


About Winery

With generations of Italian Piedmontese winemaking in his blood, in 1975 Steve Borra started Lodi’s first tiny bonded boutique winery behind a backyard shack on Armstrong Road. Today, Borra Vineyards encompasses 234 acres of beautiful estate vineyards – cooled by late-afternoon San Francisco Bay breezes – the majority having been certified sustainable under the demanding Lodi Rules program. They’ll tell you they meticulously make their wines in the vineyard, with vine rows ingeniously planted in alignment with the afternoon sun at 47.5° from north for the most optimal ripening. In the winery, the goal of Swiss-born winemaker Markus Niggli is ... more

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