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2005 Chumeia Vineyards Silver Nectar Paso Robles

Chumeia Vineyards

Winery brand: Chumeia Vineyards

Wine Details

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White Wine, Vintage 2005


Paso Robles - California, United States

VinTank Wine ID

840-0083-001486-01-2005-1-0001 (permalink, short)






Alcohol: 12.5%
T.A.: 0.6g/100mL
R.Sugar: 2.5g/L




Bottle 750mL (750mL)
VinTank Product ID: 840-0083-001486-01-2005-1-0001-03-9 Suggested Retail Price: US $12.00


No accolades exist for this wine.

Wine Notes



"Working with a varietal from another country added a complex challenge to making this wine, but it was certainly worth the effort. The 2005 Silver Nectar exceeded my expectations with its great floral aromas, honey, peach and apricot flavors and its firm acid finish. I'm excited to have the opportunity to work with the Torrontes grape and further grow our winery's relationships in Argentina." Winemaker Lee Nesbitt Varietal Notes: 75% Torrontes & 25% Chenin Blanc Customer Review: Kathy says..."This is the best thing that has ever happened to wine! It would be so good with a pear and arugula salad." ... more

Winemaker Notes

The 2005 vintage marks the return of the Chumeia Vineyards Silver Nectar, featuring a new twist; the addition of Torrontes, a white varietal from Argentina. Torrontes is considered one of Argentina's premier white wine grapes, known for its forward fruit and spice characteristics and pleasant acids. Although widely planted in Argentina, Torrontes is just beginning to be discovered in the United States, and has developed a cult following among those familar with its attributes. The 2005 Silver Nectar was made from 75% Torrontes from the Mendoza region of Argentina and 25% Chenin Blanc also from Argentina, and was crafted with ... more

Tasting Notes

A truly aromatic wine, the Silver Nectar offers aromas of honey and apricots, followed by a soft hint of honeysuckle. On the palate, peaches, honey and lychee fruit dominate, balanced by a pleasant layer of acidity. This remarkably well balanced off-dry wine will complement a variety of cuisines from around the world and is also delightful to enjoy on its own. The moderate acidity and forward fruit flavors will complement spicy chicken satay, dim sum, Spanish Paella and beef or pork empanadas.

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