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2005 Hanzell Vineyards Chardonnay Sonoma Valley

Hanzell Vineyards

Winery brand: Hanzell Vineyards

Wine Details

White Wine, Vintage 2005


Sonoma Valley - California, United States

VinTank Wine ID

840-0125-002839-01-2005-1-0001 (permalink, short)


100% Chardonnay


33% New French Oak: 18 Mo.






Bottle 750mL (750mL)
Closure: Cork
Bottle Date:4/1/07
4,636 Cases
VinTank Product ID: 840-0125-002839-01-2005-1-0001-03-9 Suggested Retail Price: US $70.00 sold out


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Wine Notes



No description is available for this wine.

Vintage Notes

In the spring of 2005 we received more rain than usual. Damp soils combined with June warmth encouraged
many secondary buds to push in addition to the primary buds. When a vintage un-balances the vines as
happened in 2005 it becomes our responsibility to cultivate balance through viticultural practices. We shootthinned
and leaf-pulled our way through June, July and even into August and it seemed that we only achieved
the balance required for quality moments before harvest.

Harvest Notes

Harvest itself was leisurely due to a very mild September. We didn’t see direct sunshine except for one or
two days over the course of several weeks as persistent fog lingered into the fall. Usually a hot and dry spell
in early September dictates the harvest decision; delicious grapes today or raisins tomorrow. However, in
2005 the weather graciously declined to force our hand and permitted us to harvest grapes at our leisure and
a little later than usual.

Winemaker Notes

For the 2005 Chardonnay the winemaking was unchanged from the traditions of Bob Sessions’ three decades as winemaker. Bob’s techniques are not typical, and as this was my first vintage making the wine, I was curious to learn how Hanzell Chardonnay distinguishes itself in the company of other California Chardonnays. Hanzell’s recipe is unique: grapes are crushed before pressing, fermentation occurs in tank rather than barrel, new oak barrels are used only moderately, and malo-lactic fermentation is largely suppressed. The winemaking is so traditional as to be, in an odd way, iconoclast and new. Stylish Chardonnays created for exuberant ripeness, ... more

Tasting Notes

Glistening and bright with citrus peel (mostly grapefruit) and bread dough aromas of yeast
and wet flour. Subtle flower aromas lift the pear and apple scent and the honeyed, oily
richness that develops with bottle age is just beginning to emerge upon the wine’s release.

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